Influencer Marketing

As the generation of Social media is gaining its power, the impact of the words and actions of the influencers became one of the strongest weapons in each marketing industries. Capsule is a specialist in this range.

Through our creators, we engrave positive images of brands and carry over to the next level.
Such as persuading the audiences to participate in the events, and arousing their ability to purchase.

Media Production

From high-quality MV creation to VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) etc., we perform a detailed and delicate design to impact deeply in one’s mind.

Business Solution

From travel to gaming industries, Capsule has various experiences in global cases. This also shows that we are an ideal partner when it comes to cultivating international marketing. We have an ability to undertake internet marketing, real-time event and so on, in a lump; Custom-made the most suitable marketing method for each brand.